'The Penny Farthing Crash' (The Old Bicycle Showroom)

Not being very fond of rules, generally cyclists hold more than their fair share of anarchic tendencies… when it comes to self-preservation, however, some basic rules are worth sticking to…

1. Shortcuts are not always safe (remember Little Red Riding Hood?)

2. Speaking of Red: Don’t jump red lights.

3. More on colour: Fluorescent is the new black. Wear it and be cool.

4. Ditto with helmets.

5. Do not pass (lorries) on the inside. They will not see you.

6. Don’t drink (too much) and cycle.

7. Indicate, indicate, indicate.

8. Use your bell to alert, not to annoy!

9. Count to ten before swearing (if you must). It’s good karma.

10. Take your time to reach your destination. Life is already too short… no need to make it shorter!

'The Bicycle Suit', Punch Magazine (1895)